Day 29: Prayer Time

NANCY FAYE WILLIAMS Every week in fourth grade a group of us piled in to Janie’s mom’s car after school and headed off to Bible Storytime at Mrs. Poston’s. Janie’s mom, Mrs. Poteat, and Mrs. Poston were good, dedicated, Methodist women who had a profound influence on my young life. I remember the beautiful flannel boardsContinue reading “Day 29: Prayer Time”

Day 26: My grandmother GG

ADAM HOLLIS This past year will be one for the history books. Many families suffered hardships far greater than anyone could have imagined. In late June our family lost a cherished member of our family, my grandmother and my daughter’s great-grandmother, (GG) for short. GG was 100 years young when she passed away, and whileContinue reading “Day 26: My grandmother GG”

Day 25: Sharing and laughter

HARRIET BECHTEL Expressing gratitude is not a difficult assignment for me! My parents greeted each day with praises.  My Dad lived in Holland during the war and knew the value of food and friendship. Respect for others was part of his ministry – with nine around our dinner table, there was plenty of sharing andContinue reading “Day 25: Sharing and laughter”

Day 22: God is the Constant

CAROL DUBLIN When my world is spinning, gratitude grounds me. In all the turmoil this year has brought, taking the time to name the things for which I am grateful has kept me calm. Some days, it’s the little things like seeing deer when I run, noticing a bluebird, or watching a beautiful sunrise. I’mContinue reading “Day 22: God is the Constant”

Day 21: Chaos

DAVID BELL I am thankful for chaos. I have lived for over 28,000 days but remember very, very, few of them. Events have provided an adequate share of notably wonderful days. I remember them and am grateful. They have also provided some not so pleasant experiences when absolutely everything went wrong, total chaos, even spectacularlyContinue reading “Day 21: Chaos”

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