Day 30: The Love Between Us


At night when we get our girls in bed and say our prayers, we always mention at the end gratitude for the simple things…”the roof over our head, the food on our plate, the water in our cups, and the love between us.”  To us as parents, we want our girls to remember you praise God for the simple spoils that we often take for granted in our lives.  This is especially hard as kids when it’s easier to focus on everything else in front of them, like having to wear a mask now or not participate in normal activities. 

Right now our nation is going through a strange and challenging time; however, every day we are truly thankful for the simple things and the people God blessed us with as our family.  This pandemic has given us a pause in life.  A pause long enough to notice more of the simple details …the way our 4-year-old hums her favorite song while she colors, the way our older daughter walks downstairs in her idea of a “perfect outfit” which is no less most of the clothes she has on her body all at once; enjoying a cup of coffee with my wife in the morning before our kids wake and work activities begin; how our daughter sticks her tongue to the side when she is focusing on something; things we might have missed had we not been asked to pause.  Things that we realize we are so grateful to have noticed, soak in, and hope to never forget.  

Are we ever aware of “the good ole days” when we’re in them?  Sometimes we wonder if these actually are some of the “good ole days.”  The days where we aren’t spinning in every direction because life isn’t so busy with one commitment to the next that we don’t miss the simple details that bring us so much joy.  When we have the time to be present and time to listen to each other.  We are grateful for the ones we are lucky to get to quarantine with.  To have each other, no matter what life throws at us is a privilege and something we sing praise to God every night in our prayers. 

We are so incredibly grateful for this life we are blessed to spend with our family, and the good ole days that are happening no matter the outside circumstances.

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