Day 29: Prayer Time


Every week in fourth grade a group of us piled in to Janie’s mom’s car after school and headed off to Bible Storytime at Mrs. Poston’s. Janie’s mom, Mrs. Poteat, and Mrs. Poston were good, dedicated, Methodist women who had a profound influence on my young life. I remember the beautiful flannel boards colored in soft pastels which set the scenes as Mrs. Poston told the story and placed the characters made of felt within the backdrop. However, my most vivid memory was the way Mrs. Poteat began prayer time. She would always begin “Our Father, we come praising you and thanking you for everything……….” Each week she prayed first and then each child could offer their petition. Each week it was the same loving, humble, and grateful voice, “we come praising you and thanking you, Father.” Her prayers helped to frame my prayers, and gave me confidence to pray publicly without hesitation. A Psalm is always a good way to express how we feel at any time, and the 100th is one of my favorites. A memory for which I am grateful, an upbringing that put my feet on solid ground, and two wonderful Methodist women shaped my life. “Make a joyful noise to the Lord,  serve Him with gladness, enter His presence with  thanksgiving, and praise Him forever.”

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