Day 21: Chaos


I am thankful for chaos.

I have lived for over 28,000 days but remember very, very, few of them. Events have provided an adequate share of notably wonderful days. I remember them and am grateful. They have also provided some not so pleasant experiences when absolutely everything went wrong, total chaos, even spectacularly disastrous events. These events were not enjoyable at the time, but have become as important to me as the good events, and I look back on both with fondness. They all are chapters in my life story, and they make me who I am. Those numerous days when I remain in my comfort zone are soon forgotten; it is those events at either extreme for which I am grateful. Any day, good, bad, or ugly, that I will never forget, is a great day.

I think the same can be said of our country. We have a great history, but not all of it is admirable, and it seems today we have an inordinate number of challenges. As is often the case, problems are not adequately addressed until they deteriorate into chaos. Chaos is the wakeup call to get to work to solve these problems. That is where we are now, and I am optimistic that this is the beginning of the transformation. There are times in the past when things were so interesting we can say it would have been a great time to live. I fully expect historians will say centuries from now, that this time would have been a great time to live. I am grateful to be part of it.

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